Free Consultation 

When you call, we will set up a time convenient for both of us to meet and get to know each other a little bit.  After that initial visit, if you are interested in hiring me, we will meet again to sign the contract and discuss your birth desires further.

Phone & Email Support 

Unlimited phone and/or email support during daytime hours.

2 Prenatal Visits 

The two prenatal visits (signing of the agreement will take place at the first visit)  will include putting together your birth plan, discussing and practicing positions and comfort techniques, discussing the roles of each member of the birth team, and discussing aspects of birth and presenting evidence based material for you to read if you desire.  

As Labor Draws Near

Four weeks of 24 hour on-call availability surrounding your due date (2 weeks before through 2 weeks after).  Once labor begins and you call to inform me to come assist you, I will arrive as quickly as possible.  At that time, you will decide if I am to meet you at your home or the hospital.

During Labor and Immediately Following

Continuous support during labor/birth and 1-2 hours of assistance immediately following the birth, including establishing breastfeeding

Postpartum Follow-up Visit 

Two postpartum visits will be made by me.  The first one will be the day following your arrival home.  If you have a home birth, we can discuss when you would like me to visit.  The first postpartum visit is when final payment for services is due.  The second visit will be two weeks following, in accordance with the arrangements we have made.  Phone and email support is available during day hours from birth until the second postpartum visit.  

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks


Make decisions for you 


Speak to the staff on your behalf


Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience



$500.00- $750.00

($250.00 due at signing of agreement and remaining balance due at first postpartum visit)

An additional $50.00 travel fee for births taking place beyond a 30 mile radius of Ashland, OH is required.